Inuyasha doodle

I doodled Inuyasha! I doodled him a few days ago & thickened some lines today. I am so nostalgic of “Inuyasha” these past few days & still am! “Inuyasha” was my and my sisters’ childhood anime & still is our number one favorite anime of all time!

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Witch Lover

It’s been a long while since I drew! But guess what? I’ve finally watched Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection and I still couldn’t get over the C.C. and Lelouch ending! It was so cute that I drew Lelouch playing on his phone wearing a “Witch Lover” shirt. His phone is beeping though, could it […]

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Snake in my Shoe

Draco couldn’t understand how she managed to get into everyone’s good graces within the week. Not even seven days since she’s taken refuge in Grimmauld Place, Death Eater Junior Hermione Granger had gotten the whole Order of the Phoenix wrapped around her pureblood fingers! Well, she wasn’t getting to him! PUREBLOOD!HERMIONE/MUGGLEBORN!DRACO AU

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I was inspired by the song “Shoot” by Tomokazu Seki. It’s a such a beautiful song. It gives me Yzak and Shiho feels^^

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